Help me out with Best Umrah and Hajj Tips

Best Umrah and Hajj Tips

Today, I’m here to get an advice and tips from you people about Hajj and Umrah. I have searched online and I found some content of it but, not too much helpful. Therefore, I’m here and asking you people. Kindly send me some tips and ideas for Holy Journey towards Makkah and Madinah. If I Had a Couple More Days to Live then I want to perform Umrah. It’s my wish to fulfill my religious responsibility before death.

First, I share my research with you guys and then guide me, I’m wrong or not. See my research below,

• Administration

If you are traveling without any agent then each and everything managed earlier. Book your flight tickets, hotel, visa etc. earlier.

• Things to Bring

For the Holy Trip, you should take the extra money, passport, and visa, small bag, lotion, and Vaseline, watch, light clothes etc.

• Health Advisory

Before you go for Umrah, must consult with a doctor and take the vaccinations. Take the small first aid box along with you such as painkillers etc.

• Things to do in the Holy Cities

You are going for Holy Worship, don’t waste your time. Just perform your all religious rituals and recite Holy Quran, Nafils, and visit the Holy Places.

• Guide the Children

If you are traveling with kids, then take care of them and tell them about this Holy Journey. Guide them how to behave there. Just hold their hands while doing Tawaf and Say’ee. Don’t spit on the floor of the Holy Kaaba.

So, these points, I have gathered from an online search. But, I think it’s not enough. Kindly, inform me how can I fulfill my dream according to Sunnah???

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