Battle of Trench

battle of trench

The Battle of Trench is the third battle fought by the Muslims with the people of Mecca, this battle was after the emigration from Mecca to medina after the battle of Uhud. This battle is in the most famous battles of Islam because in this battle the enemies were in great number and Muslim was in lesser number and they got the victory by the following the strategy and obeying the guidance of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

This battle was breaking out in the outer boundaries of the city of Medina. The world trench is an Arabic word which means khandaq that was dug by Muslims in preparation for the battle, on the outer boundary of the city of the medina so that they could be able to defend their army from the fully equipped army of mecca to some extent. The idea of making trench was given by Salman Farsi, for the save guard from the attack of the enemy. As the city of Medina was covered with mountains and palm trees from its back to the people of Mecca cannot come from the other sides and from one side, they all dug the Trench and make the city safe from all sides. Still, Muslim Ummah explores this place with Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019.

It was a battle where there was no chance of Muslims to win it because the enemies are in great number, they all were about 10,000 men out which 600 men were in horses and some were on the camel, on the other hand, Muslims was about just 3,000 with 5 horses! And some camel, this war was 30days long siege.

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The of making trench was the best to have a safeguard from their enemies but making of large trench that the enemies could not cross it easily, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ordered every man to medina to help out making the trench, then every man, old, young, child, even the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) work hard to make the trench in the outer boundary of medina, this trench was about 2km long, and they made that trench within just 2weeks. Then at the time of battle, the arrow men of Muslims were standing on the boundary of the trench, whenever the enemies try to cross it, they start firing arrows and kill them in the halfway of it. These were continued for many days then finally Allah Almighty sent the sandstorm to them, it was said that it was the army of angles. As the storm went, they were in lesser number, people of mecca ran out of food and water so they all decided to went back to Mecca. So, they turn their armies back to Mecca and Muslims got the victory on them.

It is the wish of all the Muslim around the world to see those trenches dug by them as a save fire from the people of Mecca. Many Muslims used to go there and explore them in more detail. As it imparts great knowledge and “Renew our Emmen”. Keeping in view these many Travel Agencies offered some cheap and easily affordable Umrah Packages 2020, for all of You Umrah tour packages with ziarat in Madinah with more facilities at fewer prices.

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